Odd Future Radical (Internet, 2010)

So these dudes have obviously had their profile raised as of late, and deservedly so.  This mixtape from the OFWGKTA collective dropped a couple of months ago, and even though it has the artists rapping over their “favorite beats from other popular acts”, the track choices give listeners an idea of what records are catching the attention of this weirdo crew of L.A. rappers.  Not to mention the visceral lyricism — especially from Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, The Creator (who provide the record’s most unsettling and memorable bars) — showcases the raw potential of those involved in the movement. 

Domo Genesis, who sounds much like a hybrid of his influences Kanye, Wiz and Puffy, handles his verses on “Salute” and “Double Cheeseburger”, while Hodgy Beats delivers a lowed and slowed version of that Travis Porter record you may know, and the soulful, drug-fog of the posse cut “Up” (which you can hear chopped and screwed by Mike G here; video here) is on that cloud rap shit we love so much at SAH.

Still, the best moments come from the simmering rage of Tyler, The Creator (aka Wolf Haley), and the macabre fantasies of Earl Sweatshirt (aka EarlWolf) that would just read as shock rap if I transcribed them, but are nonetheless typically delivered with a matter-of-fact brilliance that contributes, in large part, to the underlying insanity prevailing throughout the 17 tracks. 

In a rare “win” for the creative process, this isn’t a mixtape of half-finished freestyles and ideas, but rather a glimpse into the sex-, drug- and violence-fueled world of O.F., where they take joy in abusing the music you thought you knew while giving you the finger.  These elements undoubtedly make for a volatile combination (and I think it’s been mentioned that this could tip into the realm of Juggalo-dom), but for now, they continue to be one of the most exciting underground rap crews working.


(via Odd Future)

Erryone should download this.


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