Please don’t ignore this, it is very important. Please reblog or like if you read it, thank you 🙂

Today is an important day, especially for me.

It is Self Injury Awareness Day.

This is a problem that so much more of the population face than we would like to acknowledge. So people of Tumblr, please do one thing, if not for me, for those around you. If you are worried about someone self-harming, help them, talk to them, make sure they are all right. It isn’t that they want to kill themselves, not at all, they just want to feel loved, happy, safe, calm, secure and the best way to help is talk.

Some figured that might interest you that I posted earlier,

  • 41% of people believe self-harm is selfish 
  • 55% of people believe that it is stupid
  • Self Harm is thought to be the second highest reason for Hospital Accident and Emergency admissions.
  • Approximately three teenagers (13-19) self injure every hour in the UK.
  • One in ten people have harmed by the age of sixteen. 
  • 43% know someone who has self-harmed.

Here are some links to help you understand more,

Thank You 🙂


A good site for depression awareness


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