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why anyone would want to know more about me is a mystery and i don’t know why i made this but shit’s bout to get real embarrassing.

hi, my name is aquila and i’m an (angry) black queer lady, trill as fuck womanist, and my preferred pronouns are she/her/they/them. the based lord is my savior.

i’m kind of a huge dork. i major in psychiatry. i’ve been a graphics/web designer since i was eleven and i love coding websites a lot it’s pretty neat. roleplaying is one of my favorite things. i’ve been playing video games since i was two i don’t know what my parents were thinking but they did good. secretly i’m a unicorn in training.

sometimes i blog about things that are relevant to my life, like racism/sexism/gender/etc. if you’re annoyed by people who dare to get angry at oppressive or bigoted things then you prolly don’t wanna be here. it’s hard out here in these skreets. (´・ω・`)

i have a lot of fandoms but i’m mainly into homestuck, atla/alok, motorcity and some other things i forgot…

if you have any triggers you’d like me to tag just shoot me an ask and i’ll get right on that with no problem~

my life can be described by the contents of a few tags: about me, me, and same.

all of my friends are butts especially anna she’s the stinkiest.

i’m also super super shy but you can holla at a real nigga via

  • aim:
  • msn:
  • skype: turdsmirk

i love talking to people even though i don’t know how to words!!! (i’m not really a black supremacist i promise….) ;3;



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