Instead of trying to fictionalize gender, let’s talk about the moments in life when gender feels all too real. Because gender doesn’t feel like drag when you’re a young trans child begging your parents not to cut your hair or not to force you to wear that dress. And gender doesn’t feel like a performance when, for the first time in your life, you feel safe and empowered enough to express yourself in ways that resonate with you, rather than remaining closeted for the benefit of others. And gender doesn’t feel like a construct when you finally find that special person whose body, personality, identity, and energy feels like a perfect fit with yours. Let’s stop trying to deconstruct gender into nonexistence, and instead start celebrating it as inexplicable, varied, profound, and intricate.

Julia Serano (via becomingkeltik)


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Genderqueer Links and Books

[trigger warning: purposeful misgendering]






So I’m being told I’m misgendering an ftm person because I don’t use their preferred pronoun which is them/they. That’s bad grammar and as a grammar nazi I’m getting pissed off.

Hey, asshole? Check yourself.

It looks like someone doesn’t care much about grammar, being a decent person, or making a turkey of themselves for the entire internet.









Argentina JUST PASSED a groundbreaking gender identity bill!!!

From now on, people will be able to change the name and gender on their ID without needing psychiatric permission or any body modifications. Furthermore, anyone who does want hormones or surgery will be able to access them for free through the public and private health system.

It was passed unanimously today by the Senate 😀

Holy shit