Messin’ around with angles.


no john come back pls

Oh man, I lost a really cute John who made my Davesprite a big huge nest for them to cuddle in. I really, really hope I find you!! Edit: FOUND’EM!

▼: hey sup

▲: oh, dave?

▼: ah whats up egbert what kind of practical japery are you up to on this rather not-so-boring evening

▲: well, actually! i’m glad i found you. i finished up building your nest and i know how much you’ve been looking forward to a nice fresh nest, so.

▼: dude are you serious thats the most generous thing anyone has ever done for me now i wont have to worry about my feathers being swept around the place

▼: molting is pretty irritating

▼: thanks dude i dunno how to repay you

▼: is there something this wicked birdy guy can do to make it up to you john

▲: no, hey it’s fine really. i’m glad i could help. i sort of hope you don’t mind if i join you since i worked so hard on it.

▲: you’ll have to let me you know, ironically cuddle into your feathers dude.

▲: there’s no other way to enjoy a nest, right?

▼: heh thats actually quite swell i mean its not often that anyone really wants to be around me much less cuddle in my heavenly soft feathers

▼: theyre the best cuddle material around here so get’em while theyre hot john

▲: yeah, i don’t know. usually i really wouldn’t ask something like this but, you’d be doing me a big favor if i could spend the night in your nest for a few days.

▲: it sort of just hit me that uh, my dad’s probably gone forever.

▲: just like your bro, yeah?

▲: we gotta stick together and what not.

▲: dead parental figures, for the win.

▼: its alright man i can sympathize with what youre going through and id be elated to share my big comfy nest with you for as long as you like

▼: if we’re floating along in the same boat i would be honored to share the fucking raft with you mister egbert

▲: sweet. and i mean, i’ve been sort of dying to know how your feathers feel since you know curiosity beckons me at odd times of the day.

▲: also, i had no idea you were afraid of the dark, dave!

▲: i could tell when you huddled yourself in your wings the other night, dude.

▲: you don’t really have to hide that either, if you felt scared or something, don’t worry yeah?

▼: ssh you really do know how to make a guy blush dont you egbert

▼: since the dark does give me a good five course helping of the spooks will you protect little ole me from impending danger

▼: and…touching my feathers may result in some consequences you might not like

▲: does it hurt when someone touches them?

▲: [ is it okay if i brb really quick? ]

▼: [ sure! and if it disconnects, my skype is turdsmirk , my aim is and my msn !]

▲: [ okay! i’m back, sorry! c: ]

▼: [ no problem! welcome back. ]

▲: [ aww, thank you! ]

▼: nah it doesnt hurt them in the slightest especially considering you have those damned piano fingers and in fact it feels pretty awesome

▲: wait, what’s that supposed to mean? dave, that’s not very nice. just because my fingers play piano doesn’t mean you should discriminate. 😦

▲: so, you’ll just have to let me test my theory!

▼: what im trying to say is youll most likely have to deal with certain parts of my anatomy begging to be touched like that too if you keep at it

▲: anatomical parts being begged to touch, huh. oh my god, wait. i know when you get excited you make really sweet-sounding chirp noises. what happens when someone strokes your feathers?

▼: heh you got that right my little birdy sounds are fucking musical

▼: and well

▼: lets just say i get aroused and i know youre probably thinking how since i dont seem to have a dick or anything

▲: oh. you get aroused? not to make you uncomfortable or anything, but last i checked, you didn’t have, uh… you know.

▼: yeah i know after being prototyped i have a shocking lack of the impressive meat sword i once cherished and loved

▼: though i do have something different thats arguably much much better

▼: its strange and weird and i dont think youll like to hear about it john

▲: you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. now i feel sort of strange and weird for asking, heh.

▼: aahh its okay john id love to talk about it but i dont want to freak you out or anything like that since im getting cuddles tonight

▲: dave! i’m the one that’s offering here. but i mean, we can cuddle and talk about it then.

▲: i know how excited you are to have my arms around you. hah.

▼: i think talking about it while we’re getting our cuddle party on will be the best course of action for the both of us

▼: so c’mon and join me dude

▲: alright! i’ll be there in a sec, lemme go get comfortable!

▼: take your sweet time dolling yourself up to see me im gonna enjoy it and ill be awaiting patiently

▲: [ should we paragraph? 😀 ]

▲: [ sorry i’m not a very good john! i’m not used to being him. ]

▼: [ that would be lovely! ]

▼: [ you’re doing just fine! ]

▲: [ haha okay. should i start or do you want to? ]

▼: [ you can go ahead~ ]

▲: John was able to take off his suit and captchalouge it for later, instead dressing himself in a nice pair of comfortable shorts and a t-shirt. The nest was big, big enough to fit both of them plus a bit more. Jade wasn’t anywhere to be found and all of the mayhem sort of died down, so he was happy to finish the nest. It was made out a huge puddle of twigs and things Dave probably found comfortable, and then other pieces of sort things like leaves and shredded cotton from some of his old clothes. Honestly, he wasn’t exactly a nest-creator of the sort, so he wasn’t sure if Dave liked it. But to his surprise, he noticed Dave already in the nest and it brought a stupid-smile to his face, nodding out once and sprinting to join him. “You started without me!”